Fresh Potatoes

Table Potatoes

The Red River Valley is renowned for producing extremely high quality potatoes due to the rich dark soil formed by the Lake Agassiz lake bed. The potatoes grown in this region are known for superior appearance and quality. Our potatoes are extremely versatile and can be used successfully for any application from baking, mashing, boiling and on and on. This makes it an all around great choice for consumers. We grow numerous varieties of each red, yellow, and white potatoes. All of our fresh potatoes are marketed through Peak of the Market.

Our potatoes are extremely versatile and can be used successfully for any application


At Southern Potato, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting varieties. These varieties are typically used by chefs and restaurants looking to make something new and exciting with a "common" produce. Specialty potatoes are widely varied and have many applications. The new "foodie" generation that loves to cook at home and push the envelope of their own culinary skills thrive on new and exciting foods, and potatoes are right at home here. We grow a range of varieties from creamers (red, white, yellow, purple) to fingerlings (Russian Banana), as well as Golden Crisp potatoes. We have partnered with Albert Bartlett to begin growing their unique Rooster variety. Rooster potatoes are a variety that is brand new to Canada. The skin is red, but bakes golden brown with a light, nutty yellow flesh. The Rooster variety is extremely versatile, and can be used in almost any cooking style.

Creamers often find themselves being roasted, which works very well with the naturally creamy flavour. Often available in a package containing all colours, they also make excellent table presentation, especially when cut open revealing the variety of colours in their flesh, most notably the purple creamer.

The Russian Banana fingerling potato is also often simply roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper, and also excels in potato salad due to it’s mildly nutty and earthy flavour. The unique shape of the tuber also presents very well on a plate or serving platter.

Golden Crisp potatoes are very versatile. They can be baked, boiled, fried and even microwaved. Being a cross of Russet and Yukon Gold, the Golden Crisp brings with it characteristics of both parents. Its buttery flavour and deeply yellow flesh makes it a natural fit for mashed potatoes.

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