Chipping Potatoes

We collaborate closely with our partners to produce chipping potatoes to their exact specifications. Important variables to quality chipping potatoes include specific gravity, size and frying colour—to name a few. Our in-house quality control lab conducts tests to accurately gauge quality and readiness for harvest. Our tests include collecting a sample of potatoes, cutting the potatoes into chips according to our partners specified thickness, and frying them in similar conditions to their production facilities. By collecting a sample of potatoes from our fields, we can create an accurate cross-section view of how our crops are performing and determine the optimal time to harvest. This ensures our partners are getting consistently top quality potatoes.

Chipping potatoes are varieties that are used specifically for the production of potato chips. Highly specialized varieties are used for this market, and thorough selection, lab testing and leading edge storage technologies - paired with ongoing testing throughout the storage season - ensure that we are able to supply high quality chipping potatoes all year round.

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